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Business Units

Ambrosia Sustenance uses only the highest grade non-GMO and Certified Organic ingredients of which many are grown in our own dedicated green house farms scattered throughout the country.

With our green house farms we have total and complete control over quality control. Our water filtration system is second to no other farm. We use a recycle water system where we add only the amount of water necessary to keep a specific level. This keeps all of the nutrients in a complete and closed environmental cycle. Pests and weeds are contained outside of the green house farm. Within the farm we have our own colony of honey bees which service the farms in totality. 

We do what others do not do.....we do things differently....because we think about it.

Ambrosia Sustenance brings to you the following business units for your health and wealth:



At Pizzalicious you are provided the very best of old-world wood-fired eats.

Our pies are fast cooked in a 1000 degree wood fired oven which locks in all of the freshness and flavor while gently tenderizing your add-ons for a truly wondrous culinary experience.

A variety of crusts are available for your enjoyment over and over.

We use only the very best ingredients and sustainable wood  as fuel.
At Comfortlicious we provide you with a majic and meaningful taste and satisfaction experience. Choose our best shade-grown organic coffees and most delectable fresh eats that no other coffee shop can bring you.

Every Comfortlicious is its own bake shop. 

Come and sit and sip and let the aromas of life incarnate exhilirate and tantilize your senses.

Our menu changes frequently to keep you satisfied above expectations at all times.



At Barbquelicious we knock your socks off with our seriously slow cooked meats and eats.

All of our fare is cooked over sustainable wood fired pits in a manner and method which locks in the most delectable flavours and aromas.

Only the very best ingredients are used and we select the meats ourselves to ensure you receive the highest quality ever.

When you eat our fare expect little conversation......the finger smacking will be the only sound you hear!
At Arribbalicious we bring old-world Tex-Mex back to your palate!

We grew up on this fare that has us searching in vain for true Tex-Mex with very little to choose from, if any at all.

When you want something different and culinarily supreme look no further than Arribbalicious. 

Only the best ingredients are used and spiced to the level of impeccable enjoyment.

Tex-Mex...there are many who claim they are...but they are NOT!

Arribbalicious will satisfy you in every tasteful way!



At Subalicious we provide you sandwhiches AND salads of such high quality you will be blessed to know we are near you!

Fresh and REAL bread is made from scratch daily and oven roasted to perfection. 

Only the very best ingredients are used so you KNOW you are doing well and right!

Our salads are sweet and tasty with the ability to fulfill your taste pleasures.

At Subalicious you cannot go wrong!
At Burgerlicious we LICK the competition because we give you what you WANT!

Only the best ingredients are used with hand picked meats ground fresh daily!

Our meats are slow cooked over delicious and sustainable wood pits to lock in the flavour and aromas for your penultimate enjoyment!

At Burgerlicious you get the burger of your dreams....and eat it too!