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All About Us

Ambrosia Sustenance is the result of intensive scientific research into the restaurant industry on the part of our parent


Globally the fast food restaurant industry accounts for an estimated total input / output of 1.5 trillion dollars annually.

However's Chief Scientist has discovered serious and endemic/systemic flaws within the industry as a whole.

These flaws are the result of multiple factors involving the very basic business models employed.

Basically nearly every fast-food company in the world does one thing and one thing only: they do what everybody else in the fast-food industry does.

Ambrosia Sustenance will capitalize on the serious flaws to our competition's detriment.

We will not just be a newcomer to the industry. We will redifine and reconfigure the industry in totality.

Our competition has backed themselves into a corner and we are now poised to literally destroy nearly all of them in one swoop.

Our competitors lack of vision and forethought has made our business model so utterly supreme we will do to them what the United States did to Russia during the Cold War.....we will force their hand and make them spend so much money in order to compete with us their only trajectory will be a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Liquidation. 

And then we will swoop in and buy all of their storefronts for half-pennies on the dollar.

At Ambrosia Sustenance not only will our foods be superior - our business model will forever change the landscape.

To our eventual competitors we could warn you - but it will do no good. 

You are all zombie just do not know it yet.